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Medicom Arab For Medical Tourism In India

“Medicom Arab for Medical Tourism” is a reputable and trustworthy medical agency, having distinguished medical staff and dealing with highly experienced doctors in India, We have partnership with the best and most prestigious hospitals and utilize the latest technology at competitive prices and costs, we provide our services that are exceeding our clients’ expectations and ensuring their 100% satisfaction We strive to be a leading partner in improving medical services for all our esteemed clients
We care for our patients by providing the best medical services. Medicom Arab will be with you throughout your treatment journey, from the moment you arrive in India until your safe return home

We provide our services in the following cities:

* New Delhi

* Mumbai

* Bangalore

* Chennai

* Pune

* Hyderabad

We always have the pleasure to have your trust on our services.

Our services

*Presenting the report to the specialist doctor.

*Processing the visa from the Indian embassy.

*Video call (online) with the specialist doctor with a translator present.

*Airport pick up

*Hotel booking or provision of 

*Accommodation based on patient’s budget

*SIM card acquisition

*Translation and follow up while in hospital during treatment

*Extension of visa

*Issuance of a detailed report of Patient’s condition

*Issuance of a detailed receipt of all bills paid to the hospital

*Facilitation of booking of flight tickets

*Drop off at airport

*Obtain a second opinion from a specialist

*Provide lower-priced medicine

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Medicom Arab for Medical Tourism in India

We deal with honesty and integrity